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About LHS

Liberty Health Sciences in Florida, through their Cannabis Education Centers(CEC) is on a mission to educate patients about the health and wellness benefits of medical cannabis. At the same time provide Florida MedCard holders top quality CBD and THC products available for purchase.

To get LHS medical marijuana products in Florida along with other top brands, you will need your medical ID card recommendation from a local certified doctor in Florida.

Visit the Liberty Health FLD Homepage here.


Liberty CEC Dispensaries

Merrit Island
The Villages
St. Petersburg
Palm Harbor
Port St. Lucie
Winter Haven


Liberty menu products are available statewide with no minimum order amount.

Delivery Fee – FREE


First-Time Patients Discount – 10%

Military Discount – 25%

Compassionate Pricing – 10%

Eligible programs include:

Social Security Disability(SSD)
Supp Security Income(SSI)
Supp Nutrition Assistance Program(SNAP)
SUNCAP Food Assistance Program


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