AltMed MÜV Pure Vape Cartridge CBD|THC Canna Tsu

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(High CBD, clear): a high CBD strain from MÜV’s garden with a balanced 1:1 THC/CBD ratio and an earthy terpene profile. The effects are cerebral and provide a great option for morning to nighttime relief.Combining our premium distillate with cannabis-derived and botanical terpenes, MÜV PÜRE delivers our highest potency, strain-specific vaporizer option. Color-coded PÜRE vape cartridges are ideal for fast-acting treatment options and are available in Indica (blue), Sativa (yellow), Hybrid (green), and High CBD (clear), and use industry-leading CCell® for a reliable and high-quality performance.

THC 39% CBD 38.4%*  *This % may represent an aggregate of THC/CBD, THCa/CBDa, THCb/CBDb within the product. Consumers should review the actual product label for exact % of THC/CBD.

Strain: Canna-Tsu

Sold By: Altmed MUV

Categories: Vape Cartridges, High CBD

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4 reviews for AltMed MÜV Pure Vape Cartridge CBD|THC Canna Tsu

  1. Larry Foster

    First time was unexpected nice feelings with no pain Going to try it some more. Sarasota fruitville Ok people

  2. Nick

    Very good strain for those who do not want to get blasted No high just a mellow state Great for pain and sleepy time. Try it. !!

  3. Alanna Stark

    Great for day time mild relaxation and contentment.

  4. dino dunbar

    i try it yesterday for 1st time it makes you relax and happy and you can not get paranoia
    with this staff i would say its good staff ,for someone that need the cbd effect and at
    the same time want to be happy but not super high

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This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. There may be health risks associated with the consumption of this product. This product is infused with marijuana or active compounds of marijuana. This product should not be used by women that are pregnant or breastfeeding. For use by adults as well as children only as recommended by a physician. Keep out of reach of children. Florida dispensary products containing THC can impair concentration, coordination and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or heavy machinery under the influence of this drug.

Caution: when consumed, the intoxicating effects of this drug may be delayed by two (2) or more hours.

This product may be unlawful outside the state of Florida.