MÜV Pure Vape Cartridge Mai Wie – Sativa [0.5g]


(Sativa, yellow): like a fresh basket of tropical fruit, these exotic terpenes will awake your senses and melt away stress. Great for those who are in need of creative inspiration or just a pick-me-up during the day.Combining our premium distillate with cannabis-derived and botanical terpenes, MÜV PÜRE delivers our highest potency, strain-specific vaporizer option. Color-coded PÜRE vape cartridges are ideal for fast-acting treatment options and are available in Indica (blue), Sativa (yellow), Hybrid (green), and High CBD (clear), and use industry-leading CCell® for a reliable and high quality performance.

THC 77.2% CBD 0.3%* *This % may represent an aggregate of THC/CBD, THCa/CBDa, THCb/CBDb within the product. Consumers should review the actual product label for exact % of THC/CBD.

Strain: Modified Grapes

Sold By: MUV AltMed

Categories: Vapes, Indica

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