One Plant Flower MAC1 Indica Dominant [3.5G]

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MAC #1 or Miracle Alien Cookies is bred by Capulator and is a cross between an unknown Columbian landrace strain x Alien Cookies. The seeds were left in the breeder’s pants pocket which ended up in the washing machine. His wife germinated all the seeds and they appeared healthy. Shortly after being planted all of the seedlings died but one. The one survivor and the fifteenth to be planted was named Miracle 15; it was a male so it could never be flowered. It was however crossed with Alien Cookies creating this properly named strain, Miracle Alien Cookies. The aroma has hints of a popular fruity cereal and the relaxing effects set in almost immediately helping you unwind from your daily stresses.

Strain: Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC 1)

Available Weights: Eighth 1/8th Oz (3.5g) 

Sold By: Sunnyside

Categories: Flower/Dry Herb, Indica Dominant

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5 reviews for One Plant Flower MAC1 Indica Dominant [3.5G]

  1. kathy miller

    mac one is best stuff ever for a ole hippie ,ive tried them all. tried runtz it was great at first then back to mac one. people with not alot money want what works for them when mac one isnt there im not where i want to be till it comes back..try it .

  2. Kim


  3. Derek

    Where can I get some in central Florida around Ocala?

  4. Tom

    I disagree i found it to be the best bud I’ve had in S. Florida since it has become available. After spending time with it to insure it wasn’t a one or two day wonder i can say that this is as close to Colorado’s finest I’ve seen since well i was in Co. Very good.No way is this 2 stars for $350 a z, and it’s not five stars either buts its damn good.

  5. Jesse

    The mac is a very beautiful picture perfect bud but there is no hint of skunk what’s so ever it’s all fruit……..

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