Coral Reefer Surfin’ in a Hurricane Vaporizer Pen

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Surfin’ in a Hurricane is a THC-only formula that may help bring sunshine to your stormy day. Most people experience significant euphoric effects accompanied by a dream-like sensation in the body & mind.

THC 82.6%CBD 0.26%

Please talk to your recommending physician to find out what works best for your condition

Sold By: Surterra Wellness

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18 reviews for Coral Reefer Surfin’ in a Hurricane Vaporizer Pen

  1. Megan

    I wish they still made this line!!


    Why do they not sell this line any longer.. was my absolute favorite!

  3. Jonathan

    I love this vape. Perfect buzz, super simple and convenient. Why did they stop selling this??? I have tried and tried to find a similar replacement to no avail. I don’t like the float products near as much. Very disappointing.

  4. T

    Y did they stop selling these?! They were the best!!

  5. S Turner

    Great for pain specifically cluster headaches, migraines… also reduces anxiety and depression and great for ADHD- … on top of all that it puts you in a great mood. 10 stars!!
    #clusterheadaches #migrainerelief

  6. Mike Mirra

    I use it for sleep aid.
    It’s nice to keep a vape like this right next to my bed at night.
    I wake up often with prostate issues (I’m 76), & two quick puffs every time I wake up helps me get back to sleep much faster.

  7. Michelle Mcconnell

    The only place that stay consistent with their products.

  8. Thomas M Garrett

    I sure wish we could get this product at Missouri Dispensaries . tom garrett, come on spread the love around !

  9. Judy Wheeler

    Best vape

  10. Lara

    Two hits is all it takes to calm thoughts down with a warm buzz.

  11. Scott Fowler

    2 small tokes is all it takes. Great feeling, relaxed, calm, and happy. It’s my favorite from all the local dispensaries.

  12. ????

    Good flavor, strong effect, I like????????

  13. Sydney

    It’s a wonderful product, helped decently with my pain and that’s saying a lot. I absolutely LOVE the taste! Love love love! Tastes like sunshine.. Tastes like a tropical pina colada in the best way possible (nothing artificial tasting, no sunscreen taste lol). However these run out of product soo quickly… I feel like the disposable pens run a little hotter than the average battery. Wish they had this in a regular cartridge or syringe.

  14. Brian morgan

    Great place. Great products

  15. Palm Bay Powerhouse

    This is the real deal, delivers a knock out on severe pain. No more severe back pain. Thank you for creating this true body numbness.

  16. steel714

    Good all around pain reviver and relaxing. The pens run out of oil pretty fast. Not sure if there is the same oils in a more economical delivery device or refillable pens.

  17. Linda

    This is probably my favorite product. It help so much with my pain and keeps me me relaxed and happy.

  18. khristian mcdannold

    I have used this product. I have to say it’s the best disposable I’ve ever had. My pain levels we managed well using this. Less big pharma and more green.

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