TruClear Concentrate Syringe – Indica [850mg] – Panhandle Purps


TruClear Concentrate Syringe – Indica [850mg] – Panhandle Purps

CDT TruClear Concentrate Syringe 1G – Indica contains 850mg pure CDT Cannabis oil extract.

CDT TruClear is a pure cannabis oil concentrate using cannabis-derived terpenes that has no added cutting ingredient. This product is part of the Entourage line providing full-spectrum benefits.

For Use With: Trulieve TruClear Warmer

Available Strains: Panhandle Purps

Sold By: Trulieve

Categories: Concentrates, Oral Syringes, THC Oils, Indica

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Product Description

Product Origin: Clear Oil Extract

Cutting Ingredient: None

Dose Unit: 25.5mg

Amount Per Dose: 25mg THC, Less Than 1mg CBD

Doses: 33 25.5mg Doses