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Blue River™ AVD Seed batteries are designed specially for Blue River™ Solvent-less Rosin Sauce, Live Rosin Sauce, Jelly Sauce, and Jelly Cartridges. The AVD 510 cartridges are made from lead-free parts in a glass casing powered by a ceramic core vaporizer delivered through a custom ceramic bullet tip to maximize true flavor. The Blue River™ AVD 510 Seed platform delivers the best-in-class farm to table cannabis vaping experiences. The screw on magnetic attachment can be adjusted to increase air flow to the holes located on the bottom of the cart by turning the cart counter clockwise while it is magnetically secured in the battery.

Why AVD Seed Battery?

The majority of the batteries on the market are set between 3.4 – 3.6v in order to directly heat the carts core very quickly in order to move thicker oils like terpene infused distillates and HTFSE based oils thru the core of the cart. The Blue River™ AVD 510 Seed platform is designed to use a non-direct magnetic connection to the heating source with a switch for dual settings that pulse between a range of 2.0 – 2.4v or 3.0-3.4v so you never burn the oil while producing smooth, clean, flavorful, endless clouds.

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1. Make sure you charge your AVD Seed battery fully prior to using it. The green light will turn on when it’s charging but you will want to charge it for 1-2 hours when it is completely dead. The haptic vibration pattern is an indication of the charge (strong vibration vs weak vibration).

2. Make sure you only use the AVD Seed battery because it is specifically programmed with a smart pulse heating system that provides a range between 1.8v-2.4v that never over heats the oil no matter how long your draw. Other batteries on the market run with a constant heating source at 3.4-3.6v that will combust our type of oil creating a harsh experience.

3. Make sure you screw on the magnetic component with the teeth facing up towards the mouth piece. The flow rate can be adjusted while in the battery by rotating the cart left or right. You can adjust this by hand as well. The teeth allow for more air flow to the cart if you do not tighten it all the way. The L setting offers the lowest temp range for best flavor and the ability to draw longer with bigger clouds by adjusting the screw on component counterclockwise (left) without affecting the temp range.

4. If you are experiencing a double vibration without a continuous haptic vibration while you draw on the cart that is an indication of a poor connection between the cart and the battery. Make sure you have a clean connection between all components. Try blowing in the battery as you may have dust or pocket lint in the base of the batter. You may need to use a Q-Tip with 91%-99% Isopropyl alcohol to clean the inside of the battery base plus around the cart threads and base of the cart to ensure there is not any oil / debris between the components. You should drop the screw on attachment in the alcohol and clean it with a Q-Tip between carts just to make sure all components are properly cleaned without any oil or debris preventing proper connectivity. Once cleaned and connected properly draw continuously until it starts to vibrate. Sometimes you may need to find a sweet spot by turning the cart to the left or right until it finds the strongest connection in order to work continuously.

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