Trulieve Concentrate Pen

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The Trulieve Concentrate Pen for use with TruShatter and TruClear

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3 reviews for Trulieve Concentrate Pen

  1. Kathleenhench

    Seems to be a basic pen bottom long time to charge yet charge does not last long. On positive note designed well mouthpiece design perfect size for good airflow for a good draw of your medicine. I also would maybe include a silicone or plastic stand you can sit pen in upright to not waste product insides of lid and threads where components attach. Patients will probably purchase one online from other merchants anyways as a recommendation I would try to find a way to include one. Might help keep patients from having to go other routes to get everything thing they need for this concentrate pen so not wasting medicine. Overall good product.

  2. Justin

    This pen seems to be a starter type pen for concentrates of many variety’s.
    Pros: Works right out of the box
    Seems great as a starter kit.

    Cons: Constant opening and reopening of coil.
    Pen doesn’t have a flat bottom for whatever reason, making it hard to rest down on a table or level surface. If left on its side, its likely to ‘leak’ or run up the side of coil, missing the heating element at first.
    Components require constant cleaning, however i imagine this is a problem with most products like this.
    Charging time seems to be oddly long.

  3. Brendan

    I use this pen daily. It can be a pain, if you lay it down the concentrate will run and pool in the screw on cap. It will seep from holes and make a mess. BUT! I purchased a case online and keep it upright. The coils last quite awhile. The tool they include you ca. Use to scrape up concentrate from the lid and put back in the chamber. I do enjoy my pen, I reccomend it, it burns nicely and is discreet. I do reccomend a case for it and keeping it upright.

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To use the Trulieve Concentrate Pen unscrew the mouthpiece to expose the atomizer, then unscrew the atomizer cap to reveal the heating chamber. Use the loading tool to place the concentrate directly on the heating coils. Be sure not to touch the coils with the metal tool as it may damage them. Once the concentrate is in place, screw the mouthpiece back on the unit.

To turn on the device, click the power button 5 times. Then, press and hold the power button while drawing from the mouthpiece to enjoy your vapor. After 10 seconds, the Trulieve Concentrate Pen will stop heating automatically to preserve battery life. Another 5 clicks on the power button will turn the device off.

The Trulieve Concentrate Pen does not feature any type of temperature control. The only way you can control the temperature with the Trulieve Concentrate Pen is by manually pulsing the power button to try and maintain your preferred temperature. This means that the device will continue to heat the coils until you release the power button.

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