Trulieve Hybrid Ground TruFlower [7g]

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TruFlower Ground –  is same quality TruFlower that you count on which has been gently ground for convenience and ease of use.

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Categories: Flower/Dry Herb, Hybrid

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25 reviews for Trulieve Hybrid Ground TruFlower [7g]

  1. Wayne Heyman

    My Trulieve bud-tenders clam up and may actually sell some to ME someday. I ask for ground Truflower on every dispensary visit but I only purchased one eighth of Banana Jack so far. B.J. smokes/ vapes sweeter than most other sativas I tried from this vendor. They are clearly rationing ground Truflower as a price-buster product.

  2. CINDY

    I enjoy Indica because it is great for stopping back spasms and an aid for a good nights sleep. Because of my pain history I do not feel much effect from most hybrids and all sativa blends. Being on a fixed income I wish they had better deals for the over 60 group!

  3. Mark Brumage

    Tarpon Springs is the Best ,Ihave 4- family plus me .Tarpon always gets your order RIGHT,call u if a problems like asap. ECT.ect. Palm harbor SUCKS -rude,messes up order every time ,slow to get your order ,Bad Service BUT Tarpon Is The BEST

  4. Weedhead

    Bam Wam Thank You Mame

  5. Tara Baxley

    BEST DEAL Quality and Quanity on the Ground Flower
    No grinding
    7 Grams
    2 bad right now we’re limited 2 I think we should be able to have a larger supply of the ground so I won’t have to order more often! So that adds extra delivery fee
    Hope this changes soon

    Easy and ready to Roll

  6. Sandra Gibson

    Great place. Friendly staff. Very new and clean

  7. bob

    best deal going. $25/quarter = $100.00/ounce!!!!!!!!!!
    good quality and well ground but not powdered like other dispemsaries.. smokes well.

  8. Katelyn

    Awesome deals and awesome staff
    Also it’s great to finally make a better / healthier way for people to feel better in every day life

  9. Nancyreynolds

    Good flower for price

  10. Rosa Ocasio

    There Great

  11. Richard P. Matthew

    Only getting 3 stars because it’s the decent price. Just like buddy said up above, powdered pot. That is so harsh and it is unpleasant do to the harshness. Also the type of herb that you try to fill up a cone and it’s a clogged that because it’s so fine. The price makes an enticing but if you like your pot to taste like Bud instead of dust, buy weed. Don’t buy ground anything. The only ground anything that’s good is when muv has the flower pods and I’m out of smokable because you can use your recreational under the flower pods that were initially what we had in the beginning of cannabis in Florida. Trulieve can order them I know that and muv carries them from time to time. So if you ever run out of smokable, you can use your inhalation to purchase an 8th on flower pods. FYI

  12. Larry Denman

    Preground flower??? I say to myself (with a smug grin on the side) fat chance this will be any better than a few of the other ground flower (ie: powdered pot) on the market here in Fl. Could not have been more wrong. Trulieve nailed it, this is like finding just the right grind of coffee for your brand new $400 coffee/espresso/latte machine. The grind could not have been better, put it in a bowl, one hitter, chillum or roll a doobie, it does not matter this stuff is the bomb. The various strains are well blended and have good strong terpene profiles. (This is dank and stinky. ) Also some of the blends have very high THC levels. (That’s good) All in all for the money this is one deal you can’t pass up. There in lies the rub, increased demand/limited supply/poor distribution/delivery system means lots of people wait long times to get what they need. Too bad, Trulieve had a chance to really prove themselves and they failed.

  13. Littledude1964

    I would like some of the flower product.

  14. Paul Manke

    For the price point it is at of $25 for a 1/4, no brainer. It does have some down sides like being on the dry side after a while, use a Boveda humidity pack in the containers after opening if you have any, that helps a lot. Also the ground truflower has a lot of stems and seeds ground up too making it more favorable for a bowl rather than for rolling. Overall for what it is I love it, and some of the blends of flower are their higher price point $53 an 1/8 ones etc, and here you can get a relaxing blend for $12.50 an 1/8. I like to mix it in my routine when it’s available and I’m pretty sure any penny pinching Florida tokers will enjoy a bowl of this too.

  15. Brian Davis

    Best Deals and Awesome Customers Services ????????‍♂️✌????

  16. Gary L Shepherd

    The best deal they ever offer. The product is well worth the price they charge even though no discounts can be applied.

  17. Kim Randall

    just discovered this wonderful delight..this great price should put a dent in street dealers. thank you Trulieve.

  18. Jerry

    Not bad would buy again.

  19. Rhonda Hampton

    I found Daisy Fields and wish it would come back. PCB please get it in stock!!

  20. Cathey Hall

    Healer indeed! Really helps ♥

  21. Gary DiViccaro

    Best deal ANYWHERE

  22. Nelson Chappell

    The ground flower is usually pretty good but I have a hard time finding it in this store.
    They should either keep a better stock of it and not limit strains purchased.The other stores seem to stock ground flower on a more regular basis.WHY?…….I’M JUST SAYIN’,if other stores can,WHY can’t Lady Lake????

  23. Perry White

    A1 the best thing smoking…….. they got me!!

  24. Danny Krikorian

    best deal need more skywalker n la confidential

  25. Jason Hamann

    Have tried it yet

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This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. There may be health risks associated with the consumption of this product. This product is infused with marijuana or active compounds of marijuana. This product should not be used by women that are pregnant or breastfeeding. For use by adults as well as children only as recommended by a physician. Keep out of reach of children. Florida dispensary products containing THC can impair concentration, coordination and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or heavy machinery under the influence of this drug.

Caution: when consumed, the intoxicating effects of this drug may be delayed by two (2) or more hours.

This product may be unlawful outside the state of Florida.

TruFlower is for patients who are approved for smoking by a registered physician.