Trulieve TruClear Sativa Concentrate Syringe [1G] – Dutch Hawaiian

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Dutch Hawaiian is a smooth sativa created by crossing Dutch Treat and Hawaiian Sativa. Beautiful stinky buds offer an earthy citrus smell that carries into the flavor incredibly well. This balanced high may send you into a cerebral bliss before sending your body on a journey toward the clouds.

CDT TruClear Concentrate Syringe 1G – Sativa contains 850mg pure CDT Cannabis oil extract.

CDT TruClear is a pure cannabis oil concentrate using cannabis derived terpenes that has no added cutting ingredient. This product is part of the Entourage line providing full spectrum benefits

For Use With: Trulieve TruClear Warmer

Available Strains: Dutch Hawaiian

Sold By: Trulieve

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9 reviews for Trulieve TruClear Sativa Concentrate Syringe [1G] – Dutch Hawaiian

  1. Michael

    How much of this bottle should I use for a dozen brownies?

  2. Dave

    Oral syringe question: after freezing a new bottle of the oral syringe I put it in the fridge & weeks later its mushy. Is that normal? Still good?

  3. Steve

    Yeah, it works, but how much should people take? Trulieve says 5 mg then later in the info section says 25.5 mg. Which one is it? There’s quite a difference. One last concern before I float away… how are people supposed to weigh the goo in the first place? The info says to take “a quarter inch,” but how THICK is the quarter inch? See what I mean. I’m afraid I went through mine in 5 sessions. That’s $12 bucks a shot. Too rich for my blood. But it feels so good. Be safe, peace out.

  4. klgrissom25

    So the reviews help! Wow, they told me at the store to put this on paper after its warmed then freeze it. Or put it under my tongue. That taste is Horrid. I love the pill capsule idea! I tried the clementine. It was in stock. Nice floaty high, the pain began to back off and I can relax.

  5. Tonya Payne

    One of my favorites has a nasty taste but once I put it in a empty pill casing I can swallow it and still get the effects helps me sleep wonderfully.

  6. Gina

    Great for edibles!

  7. John Tatum

    I use this product with great results

  8. l.amargaitis

    This is by far the best oil I’ve tried. I’ve found it to be great for baking as well as vaping. I’ve tried both the super lemon haze and clementine. They have have a lovely flavor and come in an easy to use dosing syringe. The THC content is mind blowing…. my most recent order of the clementine is 92.9% THC! The high is almost euphoric. I felt calm & happy (very giggly) while my spinal pain was alleviated. The price point is excellent, the quality is supreme and the customer service TruLieve offers from placing your order to delivery is beyond exceptional.

  9. rigacci

    Nice flavor to the SLH. Good vaping consistency. Works great with the Trustick.
    This is the absolute cheapest you can get it for in Florida. (If I’m wrong, please tell me)

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Product Description

Product Origin: Clear Oil Extract

Cutting Ingredient: None

Dose Unit: 25.5mg

Amount Per Dose: 25mg THC, Less Than 1mg CBD

Doses: 33 25.5mg Doses