Trulieve TruClear Warmer

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Trulieve TruClear warmer is for use with the TruClear syringes and Trulieve Silver Button Battery. This device will quickly and safely warm your TruClear syringe.

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4 reviews for Trulieve TruClear Warmer

  1. Sherri

    I have not got one yet. So I have no comment yet. I heard that we’re discontinueing these warmers?

  2. Sherrri L. Kellogg

    I haven’t got one yet. I will let you know when, you got one in stock .So I can order one.

  3. Samuel

    This is good to know? Thank you for a response.

  4. Kathleen

    I think this a great product. Makes so much easier to get dosage of medicine correct. Since the product is so thick it’s hard to dose medicine easily without heat. Quick heat up of product to dispense. Good price point. Way better than warming under faucet lol.

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Charge the Trulieve Silver Button Battery. Plug the USB into an appropriate USB charging port. The device must fully charge for one (1) hour. Interrupting the charging process may result in a poor performing battery. The battery’s contact heads should be clear of debris.

To use, remove the USB portion (store in the box provided for safekeeping) and screw the warming chamber into the pen device. To turn the device on, press the silver button 5 times within 3 seconds. A blue light will flash when turned on. Holding the button down will illuminate the blue light and alert you the device is ready to use.
Place the TruClear Syringe into the warmer tip side down with the cap on. The plunger should be sicking out of the warmer. Begin warming by pressing the silver button TWO (2) times to warm the contents of the TruClear Syringe. Simply let this cycle to the end (indicated by color cycling). You may need to repeat this step until your TruClear is warmed to your ability to push out of the syringe. To turn the device off, press the silver button 5 times within 3 seconds.

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