Trulieve TruNano Tincture 250mg Ratio 1:8 CBD:THC

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TruNano Ratio 8:1 CBD:THC

Tincture is made with Trulieve’s Nanoemulsion technology increasing both onset times and absorption rates meaning patients will get faster relief using less product. The bioavailability of this product is over 90%. Nanoemulsion tincture droplets are completely water-soluble and can be easily mixed into any food or beverage.

CBD per bottle: Approximately 28mg

THC per bottle: Approximately 222mg

The ratio of CBD to THC in this product is 1:8.


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16 reviews for Trulieve TruNano Tincture 250mg Ratio 1:8 CBD:THC

  1. Jan

    And mine is milky white as well..🤷‍♀️ Different label & feels a lot like CBD which I can’t tolerate well.. I’ll give it til tomorrow… and did I mention it taste terrible.. waaay too much mint added! Taste almost like NyQuil!😝

  2. Jan

    I can’t tell if it works yet so far not (1:8) and it tastes terrible! I may have wasted my money but may have found a product for my daughter🤷‍♀️
    Just disappointed as I’m on a very tight budget. $$

  3. Michelle

    Is it suppose ro be a milky color?

  4. Katie

    Great for weight loss, it must boost your metabolism and depress appetite. I stopped using for awhile as I’d lost enough weight (35 Lbs in 1.5+ years). Worked great on inflammation, weight loss added bonus. As others have said, this product is not intended to give a high.

  5. Bake Aard

    Weird tingling sensation when it sets in. Took a break from the vape had a respiratory issue this does the trick taste good like mouth wash. Not a intense head high like the vapes. Mellow chill vibes with the bit of CBD. Idk cause it’s all the meds I’ve been on was causing the tingling or cuz recovering from an illness. Please post up if any one else has this side effect.

  6. John

    Where can I get this? I really love it! The last time this came into the Port Charlotte shop I purchased several. I’ve been checking for it for over a month knowing it can’t be had for months. What is up with the lack of inventory of this product. I don’t want to be forced to shop elsewhere. Why so scarce?

  7. C.Hodges

    This tincture has saved me! I have terrible anxiety and just a drop under the tongue really tones it down for me. I am able to work and feel much calmer. I love this product and will continue to purchase as long as it is available. So glad I tried it. The taste is VERY Altoid like. Be ready for that. I’ve gotten use to it, its much better than the oily taste of the 1:1 tincture.

  8. Angela

    Works great on my migraine symptoms. Stops the nausea very fast. Almost instant relief. I put a few drops under my tongue and take long deep breaths. My migraine headache and the associated symptoms are relieved quickly. I don’t use this for the “high” feeling. I save this for migraines. I found the flavor to be overwhelming at first (like Altoids) but got used to it. I like that it is kept in the fridge… the mint flavor is more enjoyable/tolerable when cold. 🙂

  9. Ralph

    Great product, a very good medicine for nerve damage for example without the “high” feeling.

  10. Tee

    I’m not sure if people realize this is medicinal and not meant to get you high. The effects are subtle but effective due to the mixture of thc to cbd. I found the “buzzed” feeling of the gummies to be somewhat overwhelming but I really liked the pain relief. For me personally this tincture helps with pain and calm without the heavy buzz.

  11. Arlette

    I thought it is fantastic and loved it but difficult to find. It disappears for weeks and cannot find it………… it comes back but it does not last. Too bad but nothing else compares and when they do not offer it I just do not take anything else because it just does not measure. When out of stock they loose my purchases…………

  12. Pat Schoffstoll

    I really think there might be something wrong with this product. I was very careful with the dosage at first and even bought a CBD tincture to go with it to make sure I don’t get high if I don’t want to. After increasing the dosage several times over and no extra CBD I feel no effect from this product. What’s more, it does not improve my pain, which was the point. I get more pain relief from a gummie. Horrible waste of $$

  13. Judy

    My favorite!! 50 ml (half a dropper) delivers about 10 mg of THC. I had to do some research because the mg is not clear from the label. But I’m glad that I did. Nano Tincture is easy, smooth and great results in a shorter time than other edibles ( I hold it under the tongue for a few minutes before swallowing).

  14. Julie Gray

    I feel nothing from this like the other two reviews and I get high very easily

  15. Nicole

    Terrible taste !! Does not feel any affects

  16. Scott

    I felt absolutely zero effect and I am a very light flower user; like maybe an 1/8 a month. I went with the recommended “start low go slow” so I started with .5 ml, waited 45 minutes and nothing. Took another .5 ml and waited another 45 minutes and again nothing. Upped the does to 1 ml and waited 30 minutes and still nothing. Dosed another 1 ml and you guessed it, nothing. I am 5 hours into trying to find a suitable dose and have ingested 4 ml so far which is 4 full droppers and still not one effect. This is coming from someone who is good with 2 bowls a day.

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Product Description

TruNanoemulsions are smaller, water-soluble particles that breakdown quickly and absorb into the bloodstream faster. This means increased bioavailability using far less product. Bioavailability is increased to over 90%. Nanoemulsion technology increases both onset times and absorption rates meaning patients will get faster relief using less product. When using this product you should start low and go slow.

Unscrew the lid and squeeze the bulb at the top to fill the dropper. Release the bulb and place the dropper under the tongue. For the best results, squeeze drops directly
under tongue. Drops can also be added to food or beverages. Use only about one(1) to two (2) drops, wait for desired effects. This product is very concentrated and patients may need to use significantly less for the same relief. Start low go slow until you understand how this product affects you.

Storage: Shake well before use. Keep refrigerated after opening. Allergy Warning: Contains Soy

Cash & CanPay Accepted

Product is highly concentrated. Keep refrigerated after opening. Allergy Warning: Contains Soy. This product is unlawful outside the State of Florida. The enclosed container is child resistant.