Trulieve TruSTIK Vaporizer

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For use with Trulieve TruPods.

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9 reviews for Trulieve TruSTIK Vaporizer

  1. Jerry

    My TruSTIK has stopped working

  2. Janeen DeLuca

    I purchased this pink vape < a year ago. It had a little charge to it right out of the box. Phenomenal! I'd give this 5 stars if I had
    Charger. Unfortunately, I only received the pen & 2 pods but no charger & no cord's. I've been trying to find a replacement online but haven't been successful. Please help.

  3. HappyHermit

    I love/loved mine before the tip broke off and the pod bottom is stuck in there. Any helpful hints on how to get it out?
    That said I really wish the cartridges would have a groove on either side to be able to avoid this issue

  4. John iris-lockwood

    Can you send me a battery out of state? Mine broke after 1 week. Doesn’t charge.. Trustik

  5. Bil

    I love my Trustick! I have three, actually. All work perfectly, so I’m just buying carts now.

  6. Chastity chisholm

    i love my tru pod and my trust ik broke. amd trulieve does not have any. and does not know when they will get a shipment. now i have my tru pod but no stick. fort lauderdale store needs trustiks

  7. Brendan

    I enjoy this stick. I bought it specifically to try the Sunshine Cannabis trupod. What I love about this pen is the design. It’s very ligt weight, nicely balanced when a pod is in the slot. My favorite thing is the pods are magnetically held into the slot; I will warn you, if you drop the pen the pod will pop out from force. It delivers a nice wattage to heat the pod quick and give a very nice draw (keep it charged). Another thing I loved was the charger, its magnetic as well! Very smart idea. It keeps from really screwing up a charger if it gets pulled for some reason and ripped off the pen. First using the pen I was concerned, it takes time to prime a trupod cart which I was not aware of. The process takes a few moments but when you do…look out! You’re gonna get a big hit. I reccomend a 3 second inhale, if that much for dosing; the pen gives good wattage and will pack a punch if not careful; you also dont wanna waste by choking yourself out! Enjoy! I love mine!

  8. rigacci

    Very nice. My favorite. Nice heavy vape that packs a nice punch.
    The cartridges can be refilled or you can buy a CORA pod on ebay.

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Remove the rubber top and bottom of the TruPOD. Insert the full TruPOD cartridge into the top of the battery and it should engage with magnetic retention.

Press the button 5 times to power on the device. The light flashes twice then glows once when power is on.

Hold the power button down to inhale. Once you have reached your desired dosage, power the TruSTIK off by clicking the button 5 times to power off.

It glows once then flashes twice when powering off. When the white LED light flashes 10 times in succession the pen is out of power and needs to be charged.

To charge, place TruSTIK on the USB cable dock. It will connect by magnetic force. Connect the other end of the USB charging cable provided in the package to USB port of a wall adapter.

TruSTIK contains a lithium-polymer battery. It should take no longer than 2 hours to fully charge your TruSTIK.

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