The Bellamy Brothers TruFlower Hybrid – Big Love

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A well-balanced hybrid that yields deep green flower with vibrant purple hues. The aroma from this strain is very piney and sweet. The flavor is rich and earthy up front with a piney finish. Effects one may feel when using Big Love are euphoric and cerebral. This hybrid provides an uplifting experience that will wash away the stresses of your day.

Strain: Big Love

Sold By: Trulieve

Categories: Flower/Dry Herb, Hybrid

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8 reviews for The Bellamy Brothers TruFlower Hybrid – Big Love

  1. Susan K

    I always liked this strain but have noticed the thc% is lower. For this of you who are not happy paying nearly$60/ ⅛ remember, NOW is the time to call your legislature representative and tell them to uphold the wishes of 71% of Florida voters and refuse to have the 10% cap limit on our medication! The proposal already passed the Florida house. Simply ask the senate to do nothing. The proposal is based on “reefer madness” mentality and garners no scientific fact

  2. lance davis

    Here, I have something to sell you, but I’m not going to tell you what it is!!!!

  3. Junebug

    This is a great intoduction to weed for smeone who tends to be anxious. My man hasn’t smoked since the 90’s, so some of the strains can be a bit too powerful for him, giving him anxiety even if he takes only one or two hits. We smoked half a .5 gr joint of Big Love and we were both euphoric, relaxed and mellow. It made for a great evening chillin with some tunes. We were giddy and happy while still being able to function.

  4. Carrie

    I got this one other time in the past and I really liked it. However, I just got some more delivered and it only has 16.6% the. For $58 for 1/8, that’s way too expensive. I’m really getting sick of getting ripped off. taking this crap back.

  5. Richard Haack

    I am very disappointed at this $58 an eighth MMJ. I have smoked regs from the street that is better. Only 16% THC. This is my second purchase of Big Love. I was hoping it would be better the 2nd time. They like to tell you it’s not about the thc level…I’m starting to think that’s a ploy. Shame on Trulieve

  6. Eliza J

    My anxiety has been crippling lately & I’ve been having trouble finding a strain that helps relax my heart rate but also uplift my mental state – this definitely does both! It didn’t take much to feel that relief I needed. So thankful to have found this strain!

  7. Blake E Tripp

    I got some of this right at Christmas and man was it the best. This is the medicine I need for anxiety and depression. I just realized we never get this product in the Panhandle and they have it for sale in Miami. What can we do to get this here?

  8. Timothy Ring

    The reason we can’t get this product is because it is so awesome. The only product out there that actually handles my anxiety and sleep apnea. This is with 40 years experience.

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This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. There may be health risks associated with the consumption of this product. This product is infused with marijuana or active compounds of marijuana. This product should not be used by women that are pregnant or breastfeeding. For use by adults as well as children only as recommended by a physician. Keep out of reach of children. Florida dispensary products containing THC can impair concentration, coordination and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or heavy machinery under the influence of this drug.

Caution: when consumed, the intoxicating effects of this drug may be delayed by two (2) or more hours.

This product may be unlawful outside the state of Florida.

TruFlower is for patients who are approved for smoking by a registered physician.