AltMed MUV G Pen Vape Cartridge – Grape Ape

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Grape Ape is an indica strain that has a soft taste of its namesake on inhale, with pepper and pine on exhale. The strain, according to MÜV Patients, is an effective tool for pain management. Grape Ape lends a deep relaxation to both body and mind, easing tension and aches, while soothing stress and anxiety.

Strain: Grape Ape

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2 reviews for AltMed MUV G Pen Vape Cartridge – Grape Ape

  1. John Johnson

    What is the CBD/THC Ratio? 500 mg of THC unless it’s 100% THC doesn’t make sense. Seeing how CBD is an active ingredient and without it THC isn’t as useful. If it were there would be illegal still… THC pills have been around for ages.

    I really want to try your product, but want to know what I’m getting.

  2. Debbie

    Took this within an hour after arriving home from major spinal fusion surgery, which ended up being more than they thought. I am allergic to most pain meds that are strong enough to help. So with tylenol 3 and 3 to 4 puffs from Grape ape I was able to manage the pain over the first week after surgery which is the worst pain I could never imagined but wow an unbelievable amount of pain, grape ape saved me allowing me to sleep through most of the pain. They told me it would help me to sleep and yes a 1000 xxx yes it works.

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This product is psychoactive. Use of this product can impair an individual’s ability to drive a motor vehicle or operate heavy machinery