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Different Cannabis Strain Types




Balanced Hybrid

Indica Dominate Hybrid

Sativa Dominate Hybrid

High CBD

CBD Only

Cannabis like all other plants are not exactly the same and develop in different types or varieties. There are some marijuana strains which are short and stout, others which are tall and skinny while there are some which are smaller than both types above. These plants are grown in various varieties in order to specify some of the plant’s specific features, to increase its effectiveness when used as a drug or to differentiate the strain from other for marketing purposes.

These types of plants are differentiated in terms of their specific features such as smell, color, taste, and origin of the plant. These different types of cannabis plants which are used either for medicinal or recreational purposes are commonly known as strains. There are several marijuana varieties referred to as hemp, which possesses significantly low cannabinoid content. Hemp is grown either for seeds or fiber.

Cannabis strains are divided into two main types which are the Sativa strains and Indica strains. The Indica and Sativa strains are different in terms of the types of plants they produce and the THC and CBD composition of these plants. THC and CBD are the two main active ingredients in marijuana. There are also Hybrid marijuana strains which are a blend of both the Sativa and Indica strain types.

Strains which are dominated by the presence of the Sativa strain are known as “Sativa Dominant Hybrid” strains while those which are dominated by the presence of the Indica strain are called “Indica Dominant Hybrid” strains. In some cases, the percentage of the Sativa and Indica strains are balanced. These type of strains are known as “Balanced Hybrid” strains.

Recently, while not exactly considered strains, per se, “High-CBD” Hybrids are being bred for their medical benefits with little to no psychoactive effects because of their low THC content.

Processors have been getting creative in the labs and are generally using these High-CBD content hybrids to make products containing less than .8% THC, essentially making these products considered to be “CBD Only“. Then they take their CBD Only products and mix them 50-50 with THC only products and create what are called, “CBD to THC Balanced” products, sometimes also referred as 1:1’s.