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Haleigh’s Comet


Haleigh’s Comet strain Halley’s Comet is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain with 60% Sativa and 40% Indica. It’s one of those rare medicinal strains with almost balanced THC and CBD content; 12% THC and 14% CBD. Patients enjoy this strain because they get to benefit from moderate THC effects without getting overwhelmed; they also enjoy massive amounts of CBD. This also means that this strain can be used at any time of the day, making it even more wonderful.

Haleigh’s Comet is a cross between an early Californian Skunk strain with the stable genetics of Skunk #1.

Most cannabis strains will have CBD amounts ranging between 0.1%-1%, so Haleigh’s comet stands out because of the super-high CBD amounts. Even with the moderate THC level, this strain won’t get you stoned.

It’s a social strain that will induce giggles and a chitty chatty mood. Patients with social anxiety disorders may benefit from having a few tokes to ease social pressure. Even though this may not offer a long-term remedy, it may get you started on a journey to better social skills.

The effects of Haleigh’s comet set in “poco-a-poco,” beginning in the head as it transcends down the torso to the limbs. This being a Kush Sativa, expect a powerful head buzz that will trigger the release of creative juices. You will enjoy an uplifted and energized feeling as your thoughts condense to a focus. Artists and maestros have made use of this effect to come up with genius pieces.

Having high CBD amounts, Haleigh’s comet is good for treating seizures and epilepsy fits.

Haleigh’s comet is named after the brightest comet in the sky, for good reasons. The neon green nugs are soaked in silvery-white trichomes that shine against the light, giving it the appearance of an illuminated comet. The nugs cling together in popcorn shape and glow under light, reflecting the green color of the surrounding foliage. Orange pistils can be spotted randomly curling around the nugs.

Haleigh’s comet has a sour citrusy aroma with earthy undertones. The taste is pleasant herbal on the exhales, something to look forward to.

The plants grow tall and produce decent yields when grown in optimal conditions. It does well both indoors and outdoors and is not a difficult strain to cultivate.

Strain Type

This is a High CBD Sativa dominant hybrid strain with 60% Sativa and 40% Indica. THC: CBD ratio is almost 1:1, it has 12% THC and 14% CBD.


Haleigh’s comet is a cross between a Californian Skunk and Skunk #1, making it a strong Skunk strain.


In terms of effects, Haleigh’s Comet is top-of-the-range; the effects are robust and uplifting but within manageable limits. Sativa effects dominate this strain, this comes with a mental buzz, increased focus, and creativity spikes. THC triggers euphoria that can be enjoyed because it is not overwhelming, this comes with excitement, giggles, fewer inhibitions, and high spirits. The high CBD helps to even out the effects of THC.

Patient Reported Positive Effects

• Euphoria
• Talkativeness
• Hunger
• Creativity
• Uplifting

Patient Reported Negative Effects

Haleigh’s Comet is a very balanced strain and patients rarely report negative effects. It is one of the most enjoyable strains to try.

Patient Reported Rare Negative Effects

• Dehydration
• Headaches


Medical Benefits of Haleigh’s Comet

Patients have reported that Haleigh’s Comet can treat the following medical conditions:

Haleigh’s comet is a highly medicinal strain that is well tolerated by many patients. The moderate THC levels are useful for stimulating appetite and suppressing nausea and vomiting. THC and CBD work together to combat pain and inflammation.

Studies have shown that THC may also be useful in treating glaucoma by reducing pressure in the eyes. The cannabinoids work together with the terpenes to promote a feeling of upliftedness and high spirits; this is useful for patients suffering from depression and mood disorders. The high CBD content is great for treating seizures and epilepsy.

Patients have used this strain to treat the following conditions:

• Nausea and vomiting
• Lack of appetite
• Pain
• Inflammation
• Glaucoma
• Seizures
• Depression


Terpene Profile

The flavor of Haleigh’s comet is earthy, pine and sweet. This suggests the presence of the following terpenes:


Myrcene is the most abundant terpene in cannabis, as well as lemon grass. It has been used by herbalists for many years to treat various conditions. Most Kush strains have high amounts of myrcene. A Brazilian study published in 1990 showed that myrcene can be used to relieve pain and inflammation.


Pinene is abundant in the barks of coniferous trees, and traditional healers have it to treat illness for many years. Pinene has the following benefits:

·        Anti-inflammatory

·        Antibacterial

·        Gastroprotective


This terpene has floral lavender like aroma with spicy undertones. It has relaxing effects and boosts the anti-depressant effects of this strain. It also stimulates the production of vitamin E.Z

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