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Rubicon Strain Rubicon is a Balanced Hybrid Strain. Its heritage is still unknown as a result of breeder secrecy. This strain, whose buds were awarded Best CBD Flower in the Colorado Cannabis Cup competition in 2016, has a balanced THC/CBD ratio of 1:1 which is about 9-10% for both these aspects. This means that what this strain lacks in THC, it balances up in CBD. Due to the balanced levels of THC and CBD in this strain, Rubicon’s effects are minimal even though it is ideal in the treatment of a number of medical conditions.

This strain is one of the few strains which has anti-inflammatory qualities and creates a mild body buzz in its users. This strain comes in sweet, fruity, and citrus flavor. It also has lavender, sweet, pungent and earthy aromas.

Due to breeder secrecy, there is little information on growing Rubicon such as its flowering time, conditions in which the strain is best grown and all other aspects. It is recommended that the growth of this strain should be left to the experts as it there is no information on its growth. The buds of this strain are dark green, small and pebble-shaped, with a coating of rich amber-colored crystals and deep orange hairs all round.


Like all other strains, Rubicon users reported that the strain has both positive and negative effects. Some of these effects include:


  • Relaxed and Happy Feelings
  • Helps With Social Anxiety
  • Gives You a Tingly Feeling
  • Helps With Focus


Some negative effects reported by users of Rubicon include dry eyes and dry mouth.



Users report using Rubicon to suppress or treat the following medical conditions:

Users of Rubicon described its high as having a mellow boost which makes you have a slight feeling of happiness while completely relaxing your mind and easing your muscles.

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