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Bordeliner Extreme Strain Borderliner Extreme also known as “Borderliner XTRM” is a one of a kind Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain (70% indica and 30% sativa) whose origin is still in the loop as a result of breeder’ secrecy. It is thought to have originated from the Brazilian Amazonian family. This strain is popularly known for its ferociously high THC level of 25% which causes a potent high in its users. Borderliner Extreme has a sweet and smooth flavor mixed with a hint of herbs and grass. It has a very earthy aroma accompanied by a little touch of pungency due to the fact that the buds are burnt. The nugs of this strain are light and puffy with orange hairs on deep green leaves and have a layer of creamy trichomes.

Borderliner Extreme strains have a medium growth difficulty and can yield at optimum capacity both indoors and outdoors. This super-potent cannabis plant is high-yielding and doesn’t require a lot of care for it to yield at its optimum. The plant grows to a height of around 39 inches and flowers in 49 to 63 days. The strain has a yield of 70 grams per square meter when grown indoors and 900 grams per plant when grown outdoors.


Users of Borderliner Extreme have reported that this strain has both positive and negative effects. Outlined below are some of these effects.


  • Uplifts its users.
  • Gives a feeling of euphoria.
  • Makes you happy.
  • Helps to keep you relaxed.
  • Induces appetite.


  • Some users report dry eyes.



User report using the Borderliner Extreme strain to suppress or treat the following medical conditions:

Users describe its high as a freakish head rush which destabilizes your focus, leaving you distant and introspective. Immediately after smoking this strain, your body will be completely relaxed inducing a peaceful and deep sleep. Due to its potent level of THC, it is suitable for seasoned users.

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