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dr who strain The name Dr. Who might ring a bell if you are into science fiction. Well, if it doesn’t, this strain borrows its name from a once-popular BBC sci-fi show called Dr. Who. This is an indica dominant hybrid strain with dizzying highs of THC that may get to 30%. It was originally bred by Homegrown Natural and is a cross between the Sativa leaning Trainwreck strain and Indica leaning Mad Scientist.

Dr. Who has typical indica features spotting dense buds mounted onto a short and wide structure. The leaves are mossy green and may occasionally spot some anthocyanin-loaded purple hues. Cannabis lovers adore the royalty that comes with this unique color, and some confess that the high from this strain is inexplicable. The buds are sticky to the touch because of the dense coating of colorless trichomes. As the buds mature, the trichomes turn snowy and become difficult to break by hand.

Dr. Who smells of fresh earth when the buds are freshly harvested. If stored well, you will enjoy this earthy freshness as you inhale your meds. On the exhale, you may be able to pick some lemon scents from limonene present in the strain. When properly cured, the smoke from this strain should be gentle and will not trigger coughing bouts. The taste is a mix of earthiness with some berry noted that will linger in your mouth. Strains with high anthocyanin levels may have a stronger grape-like taste than the rest.

The effects caused by this strain range from moderate to severely intense. Newer patients are likely to get swept away by the cerebral high that makes one feel like they are floating in outer space. The high sets in slowly, which fools many patients into believing that the effects are mild. As a caution, take the start-slow-go-slow approach for this strain.

As the heady effects progress you are likely to start feeling lethargic and be tempted to take a horizontal position. This will also come with strong hunger pangs that will force you to stock up. With a full belly, you will soon be on your way to slumberland. As you can guess, this is not a strain to take in the morning if at all you intend on having an active day.

Dr. Who is great for medicating stubborn pain. The head and body buzz numbs pain spots and creates deep relaxation, giving you a break from chronic discomfort. Patients with fibromyalgia and migraines have reported improvements after using this strain. Dr. Who can also be used to tackle social anxiety by reducing social inhibitions and freeing one from obsessive self-consciousness.

This strain can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. It is highly resistant to mildew but would need consistent temperatures between 70F-80F.

Strain Type

 Dr. Who is an indica dominant hybrid strain with 60% indica and 40% Sativa. It has THC from 23%-30% and CBD of less than 1%.


Dr. Who was bred by Homegrown Natural and is a cross between Train Wreck and Mad Scientist.


Dr. Who works best as an evening or weekend strain. Users with social anxiety have turned to this strain to help them relax and engage at social events. Patients have reported the following positive effects from taking this strain:

Patient Reported Positive Effects

·        Uplifting

·        Happiness

·        Euphoria

·        High appetite

·         Sleepiness

Patient Reported Negative Effects

Dr. Who may cause anxiety when consumed in high doses. Having high amounts of THC, it should cause cottonmouth and red eyes. New users may experience lightheadedness or headaches.

Patient Reported Rare Negative Effects

In extreme cases, patients have reported experiencing delusions and paranoia after taking this strain. Should this happen you should lie down and calm yourself as you wait for the effects to wear out. Do not use medications to try and flush out THC from your system because the interactions may cause adverse effects. If the symptoms fail to subside after four hours, a visit to the ER may be necessary.


Medical Benefits of DrWho

Patients have reported that DrWho can treat the following medical conditions:

• Migraines
• Arthritis
• Acne
• Insomnia
• Lack of appetite


Terpene Profile

Dr. Who has high myrcene content that accounts for the string sedative properties of this strain. This also explains the tobacco-like scent that is present in this strain.

According to a report from MCR labs, the total terpene profile of this strain is 2.52%. The terpenes detected in that particular batch of the flower were as follows:

β-Myrcene 1.34%
α-Pinene 0.49%
β-Caryophyllene 0.18%
β-Pinene 0.12%
δ-Limonene 0.11%
β-Ocimene 0.10%
α-Humulene 0.07%
Linalool 0.07%
α-Bisabolol 0.03%
Camphene 0.01%


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