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Northern Hashplant


northern hashplant marijuana strain Northern Hashplant is an indica dominant hybrid strain that was created by the famous Seed Bank. It is a cross between Hash Plant and Northern Light. Like most indicas, the plants are short and stocky, they take a short time to flower and give immensely high yields.

The leaves of this strain are usually broad and spade-shaped. They have a sticky texture, especially during the flowering period. They are bright-colored with lime greens and a few specks of gold-coated pistils. The nugs form a conical shape and will be heavily coated with resinous glands towards the end of the flowering period.

Northern Hashplant has a smell that is earthy, musky, and pungent at the same time. However, there is an underlying sweetness with slight hints of citrus. When vaporized, it gives off a sweet and spicy taste that is left in the mouth after the exhale. It has high THC approaching 25% and has shown effectiveness in treating depression, chronic pain, and high doses of insomnia as well. It’s a great strain to take in the evening. Some strains may have THC as low as 17%, but even then patients have reported that cerebral hit is still a knockout.

Northern Hash Plant gives a strong body hit that sets in fast and intense. In the higher centers, the effects can be psychedelic and uplifting, but this will soon shift to relaxation and sedation.

Patients have used this strain to treat anxiety, depression, gastrointestinal problems, and insomnia.

Not much is known about growing this strain, but the indica characteristics suggest that it may be an easy strain to try out; short flowering time and high yields.

Strain Type

Northern Hashplant is an indica dominant hybrid strain with 17%-25% THC and 0% CBD. The indica characteristics are 90% while the Sativa is 10%.


Northen Hashplant is a hybrid cross between Hash Plant and Northern Lights. It was developed by the Seed Bank.


Patient Reported Positive Effects

Northern Hashplant is highly recommended for evening use because of the relaxation effects experienced by most users. Given the high THC level, it also has sedative properties.

Patients have reported the following positive effects:

• Sedation

• Hunger

• Happiness

• Focus

• Creativity

Patient Reported Negative Effects

Northern Hashplant can trigger mild side effects, mainly due to the high THC. Users have reported itchy eyes as well as dry mouth. Rehydrating can make this better. Don’t be worried about blood-shot eyes as well, in a few hours this should clear out. THC increases blood supply to the eyes and this is what causes the red effect; it’s as simple as that.

New patients have also reported mild headaches and nervousness, especially on the first trial. The secret here is to start with a single puff and progress slowly. Give your body and mind time to adjust to the effects.

Patient Reported Rare Negative Effects


Medical Benefits of Northern Hashplant

Northern Hash Plant shines as a medicinal strain. It is a strong indica with heavy indica effects that can deal with chronic fatigue and chronic pain. The relaxing effects on the body combined with the cerebral relaxation will ultimately trigger sleep. Expect to fall into a deep slumber with no vivid dreams- this is a good cure for insomnia.

Coupled with terpene benefits the anti-inflammatory properties target arthritis pain and other forms of inflammation.

This strain also helps to minimize stress levels for any individual who struggles to control their chronic stress.

It’s generally an uplifting strain and therefore suitable for people suffering from mood disorders such as depression, panic attacks as well as chronic anxiety.

Patients have used this strain to treat:

  • Arthritis
  • Insomnia
  • Lack of appetite
  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Chronic pain
  • Depression


Terpene Profile

The cannabis plant keeps surprising us every day as we try to understand how it can heal the human body. One of the most interesting findings on cannabis has been the discovery of the entourage benefits. This is as a result of various compounds working together to boost the healing effect of the plant.

There are over 200 terpenes present in the cannabis plant. Granted, only a handful has been investigated. They are referred to as the dominant terpenes whose therapeutic significance is currently a subject of interest.

Northern Hashplant has the following dominant terpenes:

• Myrcene

• Pinene

• Linalool

• Limonene

• Bisabolol

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