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Silicon Valley O.G. is an indica leaning hybrid strain that is a cross between Valley Girl and Star Dawg. The strain was created by Grow Healthy is one of their premium strains. It has high THC amounts exceeding 25%, though some users have reported batches with up to 78% and 82% THC. The CBD amount is also significantly high, 4%, making this strain very medicinal.

Silicon Valley OG is a beautiful strain with deep green nugs that are heavily coated with milkish white trichomes. At the end of the flowering stage, the trichomes will have formed a sparkling layer on top of the nugs bringing out the entire beauty of this strain. The pistils have a fiery orange appearance that breaks the monotony of the deep green. The nugs are dense and small-medium in stature but had to break by hand because of the heavy trichome coating. Be prepared to use a grinder if you are doing the preparation for yourself.

Silicon Valley OG has an earthy pine aroma with sour undertones and hints of diesel. Upon inhaling you may be able to detect light citrus notes at the back of your mouth. Expect an impressively thick smoke that is easy to blow in circles. Compared to other Grow Healthy strains, many users have placed this indica leaning hybrid strain somewhere in between in terms of effects. Could be that the high CBD balance off the psychoactive effects of the THC.

Silicon Valley OG has typical indica effects such as a deeply relaxing body stone. You are likely to get glued to the couch after taking this strain. The cerebral buzz is also significant and may takes new patients by surprise. The euphoria descends on you hard and fast, if it’s your first time you may end up getting a panic attack. For regular users the feeling is welcome as it easily melts away worry, low spirits, social tension, pain and aches at the same time.

Not much is known about growing this strain, but most Grow Healthy strain have moderate growing difficulty.

Strain Type
This is an indica leaning strain with 60% indica and 40% Sativa. It has high amounts of THC, about 25% and 4% CBD.

Silicon Valley OG is a hybrid cross that was created by Grow Healthy. It is a cross between Valley Girl and Star Dawg.


Patient Reported Positive Effects

Silicon Valley OG is great for social events; soon you and your friends will be roaring in laughter and chatting the hours away. It’s a great strain for promoting sociability and activity without affecting day-to-day life, making it ideal for patients.

The effects are pretty long-lasting, so keep to your limits as a reasonable amount can keep effect for up to three hours!

Patients have reported the following positive effects after taking this strain:
• Happiness
• Social stimulation
• Laughter
• Relaxation

Patient Reported Negative Effects

Patients have reported the following negative effects after taking this strain:
• Cottonmouth
• Dry eyes

Patient Reported Rare Negative Effects

It is easy to go overboard on this strain because the effects are subtle at first. When this happens you may experience greening-out symptoms which include:
• Anxiety
• Vomiting
• Dizziness
• Sweating

The easiest way to avoid these negative symptoms is to avoid over-indulging in this strain. But should it happen, move to a safe space, hydrate and take some sugar. If someone is sedated and vomiting they might be at high risk for choking, it’s better to calla emergency services in this event.


Medical Benefits of Silicon Valley OG

Silicon Valley OG has a host of medicinal benefits that range from cerebral stimulation to body relaxation. The body buzz helps to relieve symptoms of pain and tension, and the cerebral high is great for low mood, anxiety, and depression.

This strain is also useful for treating stress and fatigue and may help those who have difficulty winding down in the evening.

Patients have also used this strain to relieve digestive issues as well as stimulate the appetite. This is generally an all-around strain for mental health conditions as well as physical pain and inflammation.
The CBD provides additional benefits such as the treatment of seizures, pain relief, relaxation, and muscle recovery after exercise. CBD also reduces the psychoactive effects caused by THC, making this strain more tolerable for new patients.

Patients have used this strain for treating:
• Inflammation
• Lack of sleep
• Pain
• Anxiety
• Poor appetite
• Sore joints
• Seizures


Terpene Profile

Silicon Valley OG has high amounts of pinene, limonene, myrcene and Borneol.
Pinene has the smell of pine trees. It helps to improve short term memory, counteracting the short-term effects of THC .

Limonene treats acid reflux and elevates the mood.

Strains with high amounts of myrcene will have a sedative effect while those with low amounts will have an energizing effect. Silicon Valley OG is an energizing strain with fewer amounts of myrcene.

Borneol has the smell of mints with hints of rosemary. It has significant analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

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