Strawberry Switchblade


Strawberry Switchblade is an indica dominant hybrid strain that was bred by Riot Seeds. It has 55% indica and 45% sativa, making it quite balanced. It is a cross between Double Black Doja, East Coast Sour Diesel and Strawberry Crème. The Strawberry Crème lineage gives this strain a great flavor and aroma while the Diesel strains give it musky undertones. Being an Indica dominant strain, it gives a strong body high that may induce a couch lock. It is therefore ideal for evening or nighttime use.

Strawberry switchblade contains moderate amounts of THC, usually around 15%. Most patients have however reported that the effects compare to those of strains having 20% THC. The cerebral hit is moderate causing a feeling of happiness and euphoria. This effect is great in numbing pain and symptoms of depression without causing anxiety or paranoia. It may also help in relieving symptoms of PTSD.

It has a beautiful purple color with dark green nugs that are covered in snowy trichomes. Like most indicas Strawberry Switchblade is short and dense and produces a moderately high yield.

The scent is delicious which makes it a superb starting out strain for novice users. Underneath the berry scent is a musky undertone that is albeit bearable. The smoke is gentle on the throat and well tolerated by patients. It can work well with a vaporizer or in the form of edible treats.

Strain Type

This is an indica dominant hybrid strain that contains 55% indica and 45% sativa. It contains 15% of THC and 0.1% CBD.


Strawberry Switch Blade is a creation of Riot Seeds. It is a cross between Double Black Doja, East Coast Sour Diesel and Strawberry Crème.


Strawberry Switchblade is an easy strain to begin with, it kinds of cures the body without having to “take-it-down” first. The effects on the body and mind are relaxing and euphoric, meaning that you will be uplifted in body and mind. With the stress off, you can catch a quality nap or just take time to relax.

This strain is ideal for spurring inspiration to work on new ideas and concepts. It is also a great conversation starter especially for people who are not typically conversationalists.

Patient Reported Positive Effects

  • Happiness
  • Euphoria
  • Talkativeness

Patient Reported Negative Effects

With moderate THC levels, this strain is well tolerated by most patients. However, expect to feel some dehydration that may manifest as:

  • Cotton mouth
  • Dry eyes

Dealing with this is pretty simple; just keep rehydrating as you take your weed. Should you notice that your eyes are turning red there is no need to worry. This can be easily sorted out by- waiting it out!

Patient Reported Rare Negative Effects

  • Anxiety
  • Headaches

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Medical Benefits of Strawberry Switchblade

Strawberry Switchblade has very balanced effects, making it an ideal option for patients wanting to avoid the overpowering effects of high THC strains. The cerebral effects are mind calming and helpful in relieving anxiety and tension. The body high will ease away tiredness and pain. In high doses, Strawberry Switchblade will induce non REM sleep. This kind of sleep is deeply relaxing and when you wake up you will be feeling well rested and refreshed.

Patients have reported relief with the following conditions:

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Terpene Profile

Terpenes provide scents and aromas to cannabis strains. More than that, they each have unique therapeutic properties that when added to those of cannabinoids create a powerful and lasting healing effect. This powerful effect is known as the entourage effect. Research on terpenes is still ongoing, so far a number of terpenes have been identified and their effects have been identified as well.

Strawberry switchblade has the following abundant terpenes in abundance: caryophyllene, humulene, limonene and linalool.


This terpene has peppery and spicy notes; it will remind you of sniffing into a jar of black pepper. No other terpene has the ability to bind onto cannabinoid receptors apart from caryophyllene. It has potent anxiety relieving and pain relieving properties. It is also useful in alleviating alcohol withdrawal symptoms.


This terpene smells of hops, a substance used in fermenting beer. It has anti proliferative effects that are still being investigated. This contributes to the anti cancer potential of this strain. It is also useful in suppressing appetite and may help in weight loss.


This citrus smelling terpene is a known mood improver. It helps in the absorption of other terpenes especially through the skin and mucous membranes. You will find it incorporated into many skin crèmes infused with cannabis. It also has anti depressant activities.


This terpene has a mix of floral and spicy scents. It is a pain reliever, anti epileptic and sedative.

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