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Agent Orange


Agent Orange Cannabis Strain Agent Orange is a sativa dominant (75% sativa and 25% indica) hybrid with high resistance to diseases and pests. Agent Orange was created by TGA Subcool Seeds and is a cross between Orange Skunk, Jack’s Cleaner, and Space Queen. A second variety of Agent Orange was created by MzJill Genetics, they combined the smooth Orange Velvet with the bold Jack the Ripper. Orange Velvet is a mild-mannered hybrid with a Dreamsicle aroma. Jack the Ripper is a flashy sativa known to provide crisp mental stimulation. This second variety is a balanced hybrid strain.

Agent Orange aroma is of freshly cut oranges and citrus herbs. It has hues of light and dark purples scattered throughout its forest-green buds and its pistils are a striking burnt orange amid the sea of deep buds. The THC levels of Agent Orange are between 16%-24%, with CBN and CBD both being around 0.2%.This strain creates an uplifting cerebral high ideal for treating depression, anxiety, and migraines. It is a great daytime strain that can be used just as one is starting their day or beginning their normal routine. Patients prone to early morning depression can benefit from using this in the morning. It can also be useful as a mild pain treatment thanks to its calming and therapeutic effects, but it isn’t recommended for treatment of chronic pain.

Personal tolerance should be taken into consideration as in higher amounts; some patients have experienced dizziness or anxiety. Red eyes and dry mouth are also common side effects and as such, one should have some eye drops and a drink at hand.

Strain Type

This is a Sativa dominant marijuana hybrid with 75% sativa and 25% Indica. It contains 16%-24% THC and 0.5% CBD.


The two varieties are a cross between Orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper and a cross between Orange Skunk, Jack’s Cleaner, and Space Queen


Agent Orange marijuana induces very strong, cerebral euphoria coupled with psychedelic effects. It also boosts energy and creativity, promotes laughter and social activity, relieves stress, uplifts mood, and promotes body numbness and good pain control.

Patient Reported Positive Effects

  • Relaxation
  • Euphoria
  • Happiness
  • Uplifting
  • Creativity

Patient Reported Negative Effects

The negative effects reported by patients are very manageable. They include:

  • Dry Mouth
  • Dry Eye
  • Red Eyes

Patient Reported Rare Negative Effects

  • Anxiety
  • Dizziness
  • Dissociation from reality
  • Paranoia


Medical Benefits of Agent Orange

Agent Orange is a fairly steady sativa strain. The psychedelic effects help in alleviating symptoms of anxiety and stress. It has also shown great potential in the treatment of symptoms of ADHD. The body high is very mild, making this strain ideal for providing relaxation from chronic fatigue and minor body aches.

Patient reported medical conditions that can be treated by this strain include:


Terpene Profile

Terpenes are responsible for the aromas and scents of the different cannabis strains. They all boost the therapeutic potential of the strains by potentiating the effects of cannabinoids. Agent Orange has terpenes that produce aromas reminiscent of oranges, lemons and earthy undertones.

Alpha Humulene: 0.34%

This terpene is also present in hops and has a woody smell. It is suspected to have anti proliferative potential. This just means that it has “the ability to grow or multiply by rapidly producing new tissue, parts, cells, or offspring, a property that contributes to it being an active mechanism in fighting tumors, evidenced by its ability to produce Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)”.

Beta Myrcene: 0.23%

Myrcene adds to the therapeutic potential of this strain. It also has sedative, antiproliferative and anti oxidant properties. When free radicals are left to linger around the DNA of calls, they can trigger the formation of abnormal cells which eventually lead to the formation of tumors.

This terpene smells of pine trees. It is a bronchodilator and may help in relieving symptoms of asthma. It also helps in increasing memory and retention capacity.

Beta Caryophyllene: 0.16%

This terpene has a mix of peppery and spicy notes. It is the only terpene that has the ability to bind directly to cannabinoid receptors. It provides relief from pain and anxiety.

Limonene: <0.01%

Limonene has the smell of lemons and you expect to find this terpene in most citrus fruits. It is a popular mood enhancer which is ideal for reducing stress and symptoms of depression. It also offers anti fungal and anti bacterial properties.

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