Birds of Paradise Strain

Birds of Paradise


Birds of Paradise Strain

Birds of Paradise is a sativa dominate hybrid strain with 60% Sativa and 40% indica. This strain was created by Dynasty Genetics as a cross between Blue Heron their very own Kali Snapple. Birds of Paradise is a potent strain with an impressively long-lasting high. The THC content ranges between 18%-24%.

The appearance of these buds is appealing. The buds are large with a conical shape that has the feel of an X-mass tree. The leaves are pale green with faint purple hues; they have a curly effect that gravitates towards the stems in typical indica fashion. Bright orange pistils can be spotted emerging between the nugs. Towards maturation, the nugs will be coated with dense resinous buds that betray the potency of this strain.

Well cured flowers of Birds of Paradise will have a sweet smelling fruity aroma that is hard to resist. should you take a closer sniff, you will be able to pick out herbal and piney notes. When burned, there will be a mild acrid smell but one that is not harsh on the throat. Most users describe the smoke from this strain as gentle and easy to tolerate.

The sativa effects of this strain can be appreciated as soon as one exhales the first puff. It starts off with increased pressure around the temples and lower forehead that is accompanied by facial flushing. This is likely to be followed by an energy boost, lightheadedness, and euphoria.

New users may also experience strange sensations and a fascination with mundane concepts. Once you get used to these effects you can harness the energy to come up with creative concepts. Also expect to feel chitty-chatty and more of a social butterfly. The high lasts for 4-6 hours.

As the high wears on, expect to feel some relaxation spreading through the core and limbs. This can make even the most active person switch off instantly. Given the slow decline in energy, this strain is recommended for slow afternoons or evenings.

Birds of Paradise has varied medical uses. Its cerebral effects can be of help for those suffering from attention deficit disorders. It can also be used to balance out mood disorders and alleviate depressive symptoms. It also works well as an analgesic for all kinds of physical pain, whether related to acute injuries or to chronic diseases like arthritis. Lastly, it can also be used to lull relaxed smokers into a deep sleep. Birds of Paradise is not ideal for patients who prone to THC-induced panic; the high is borderline psychedelic.

Birds of Paradise seeds are not available for sale online. Clones are more readily available.

Strain Type

Birds of Paradise is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain with 60% Sativa and 40% Indica. It has high THC of between 18%-24% and a CBD of 0.02%.


Birds of Paradise was developed for a span of 12 years by Dynasty Genetics. Both parents were selected based mainly upon medicinal values, which makes this strain an ideal medicinal strain. The mother is Kali Snapple (Pineapple/Snowbud x pre 2000 Kali Mist) while the father is  Blue Heron.


Patient Reported Positive Effects

Birds of Paradise offers classic sativa effects without being too racy or speedy. Users have compared these effects with those of Colombian Gold from Trulieve. There is a cerebral burst of energy and creativity accompanied by a mellow and warm body relaxation. These effects endear it to patients looking to treat depression, lack of motivation, or those who are looking to spur creativity.

Patient Reported Negative Effects

  • Cotton mouth
  • Dry eyes

Patient Reported Rare Negative Effects

  • Panic
  • Headaches


Medical Benefits of  Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise can help anyone suffering from attention deficit disorders or a general lack of focus. It can also be used by people with social anxiety disorder as it induces talkativeness and sociability. Due to its analgesic properties, this strain is often used for pain relief, muscle spasms, inflammation, and headaches. The sativa effects mostly from Heron are great at uplifting low spirits. Those who struggle with depression, stress, or bipolar will find this strain useful as well.

Patients have reported that  Birds of Paradise can treat the following medical conditions:

Patients have used this strain to treat the following conditions:


Terpene Profile

Birds of Paradise is a terpene dense strain. Two terpenes however dominate the pack; limonene and linalool

Linalool is the terpene with lavender like notes that makes this strain appealing. It is commonly found in lavender, citrus, birch and rosewood, as well as in cannabis. It works well as an herbal sleep aid and stress-reliever. Studies have shown that linalool has anti-inflammatory properties as well. Another study has also shown its anti-inflammatory quality can reverse the brain plaque formation that causes Alzheimer’s disease.

Limonene is one of the most common terpenes found in nature. It also possesses anti-inflammatory properties.

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