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About First 48

First 48 is a powerful slightly sativa-dominant hybrid created by Swamp Boy Seeds and bred by crossing The White and Orange Blossom Trail strains. It produces hard buds with medium height plants and a strong aroma that generates a great rush. It creates an uplifting high on its users. With low CBD levels and high THC levels that can reach 23%, First 48 is a perfect strain for the new growers because of its small size and short flowering period.

First 48 is a nighttime strain that is usually recommended during the hours before sleep due to its powerful sedative effect. This strain also creates high cerebral effects that relax the brain and muscles of its users. The effect is intense with a long-lasting down-time. It is also known to reduce aggressiveness but can cause mild hallucinations when used in large doses.

First 48 is also a medicinal strain that is used to reduce the symptoms of stress, anxiety, pain and improve appetite. Some of its users also say it can be used to treat insomnia, nausea and muscular problems. Some recreational marijuana users say they appreciate this highly potent strain for its relaxing and joyful effects and love using it during rainy days or when they need to generally de-stress and zone-out.


The First 48 strain is known for positive and negative effects. Outlined below are some of these effects as reported by it users:

Positive Effects

Some of the reported positive effects of First 48 include:

• Euphoria
• Happiness
• Focus
• Creativity
• Relaxing
• Uplifting

Negative Effects

Some new users of First 48 say they experience intense paranoia and prolonged headaches after heavy doses. Some of the reported side effects of First 48 include:

• Dehydration
• Anxiousness
• Increased Heartbeat
• Cotton Mouth
• Anxiety
• Dry Eyes
• Dizziness


Medical Benefits of First 48

First 48 is popular choice for anxiety and depression treatments. It is also believed to be potentially effective against neuropathic pains. Some consumers also use this strain to stimulate creative thoughts.

First 48 is used to reduce the symptoms of the following medical conditions:

• Arthritis
Chronic Pain

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