About Hawaiian

Hawaiian, as the name suggests, is a strain that kind of gets you to the holiday mood. This strain is a classic sativa dominant with light green buds that give off a tropical scent. The origins of this strain are believed to be in the Hawaii islands, the lineage however is not very clear. The THC levels range between 15%- 25% while the CBD levels are just about 1%.

The buds of this strain are dense and are covered with orange hairs that enhance the aesthetics. The tropical scent is mild while the taste is sweet with some citrus undertones. Thankfully, this strain emits a sweet tasting smoke, making it convenient for new users. The first toke from Hawaiian will give you a cerebral high that is uplifting and invigorating. You may feel pressure that comes in waves mounting against your temples. As you go progress, the high may translate to clarity of thought and an increased ability to focus.

Given the cerebral effects, this strain provides stress relief and may also help in relieving symptoms of depression. However, the smoke may dry out your mouth and make you thirst over time. It may also give you a ravenous appetite, be prepared for it!

Hawaiian is ideal for daytime use both for recreation and therapeutic purposes.

Strain Type

This is a sativa dominant strain with 90% sativa and 10% indica. It has a high CBD level of between 15%-25% and a low CBD level of about 1%.


This strain traces its roots back to the islands of Hawaii. From here it spread to the US, Canada and Holland where it has been used in the breeding of various cannabis strains. The original creators of this strain are not known, making it very hard to trace the lineage of Hawaiian. However, it has been used to create sativa dominant strains such as Hawaiian dream and Hawaiian Haze. It is believed that the Federation Seed Company of Canada has played a key role in stabilizing this strain over time.

It could also be that the Hawaiian strain is a land race strain native to the Islands of Hawaii, with no original creators.


Patient reported positive effects

This strain gives a high that is mostly cerebral. It helps in calming the mind, increasing focus and blocking out distractions. It also helps to reduce inhibitions and may be used to stimulate conversations. Reviewers applaud this strain for its relaxing and uplifting properties.  Here are some of the positive attributes associated with this strain:

  • Uplifting
  • Creativity
  • Happiness
  • Conversation starter
  • Euphoria

Patient Reported common negative effects

  • Dry Mouth
  • Dry Eyes

Patient Reported rare negative effects

  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety


Patient reported medical conditions strain is used to treat

Given the cerebral uplifting effects of this strain, it has proven useful in the treatment of stress and depression symptoms. The cananbinoids present work in synergy with the abundant terpenes and flavanoids to potentiate the therapeutic properties of Hawaiian. It can be used in treating the following conditions:

Hawaiian gives a strong heady high that you will start to feel as soon as you take your first puff. The THC levels may vary from 15%-25%, so make sure to know the exact amount of THC in the strain to avoid over doing it.


Terpene Profile

Hawaiian has a mild scent that is sweet and citrusy. Limonene gives off a citrus smell that is reminiscent of freshly plucked lemons. It is known to improve the mood and to reduce stress. Alpha and beta pinene give this strain a subtle pine aroma. These terpenes are great anti inflammatory agents and they also help in reversing short term memory loss caused by high THC levels. Terpineol gives off a tropical scent and has potent anti bacterial properties.

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