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About Jack Herer

Jack Herer StrainThe Jack Herer strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain (55% sativa and 45% indica) and is considered to be a blend of the Shiva Skunk Cross, Haze Hybrid, and Northern Light #5. The Jack Herer strain is popular because of its ability to boost energy levels coupled with the creation of clear-headed buzz. This strain was developed by Sensi Seeds in the 1990s in commemoration of the popular Cannabis activist and author of the book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”, Jack Herer. Jack Herer has a spicy stench which is the reason for which some people refer to it as a spicy sativa. Squeezing and pulling the buds of this strain causes it to release a tropical forest stench which will compel you to try giving it a sniff. As a result of this strains rich genetic background, this strain has its own unique effects and features. Users of this strain describe this strain as being creative, clear-headed and blissful.

Jack Herer is relatively easy to cultivate and have proven this ease even with complete beginners. The flowers of the Jack Herer have a pale to medium green color and do not look very appealing to the human eye which should not fool you. These pale to medium green leaves’ buds have a densely-packed structure and are more elongated than they are rounded. The strain can be grown either indoors or outdoors even though when they are grown outdoors, the require ideal climatic conditions (warm, balmy, dry and sunny weather). Both the soil and hydroponic growth methods are suitable for this strain and they yield 18 ounces per meter indoors. Outdoors, Jack Here yields 18 ounces per plant and has a flowering speed of 7 to 10 weeks when grown both indoors and outdoors.


Users of Jack Herer have reported that this strain has both positive and negative effects after it is smoked. Outlined below are some of these effects:


  • The strain helps you feel euphoric and creative.
  • Boosts energy levels.
  • Helps with focus.
  • Brings about feelings of happiness.


Some users reported dry mouth and dry eyes.

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Users report using the Jack Herer strain to suppress/treat the following medical conditions:

The balanced high of the Jack Herer strain makes it the ideal strain for cannabis newcomers. It has the unique ability to facilitate conversations between users while keeping them in a state of awareness. This strain is also perfect for solo use due to the fact that promotes an increasing sense of euphoria and also promotes awareness. This strain can be taken both in the day, after work or before going to bed.

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