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Lemon Lime Marijuana Strain Lemon Lime is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that is believed to have been created from the combination of the O.G Kush and Lemon Joy marijuana strains. Lemon Lime induces a mild cerebral high and it’s believed to be ideal for new smokers. True to its name, Lemon Lime comes with a fresh citrus aroma and fruity flavor that lingers in the taste buds of its users. This strain has a medium THC content that can reach 18% and provides an elevated energy level to its users. Lemon Lime comes with light green buds that are covered with crystal trichomes. It is also a daytime strain that can be consumed without impairing the cognitive abilities of its user.

Some users say that this strain can cause a couch lock effect with a short come-down time.it also comes with mild analgesic properties that can relieve pain and promote relaxation. The plant of Lemon Lime is very noticeable and can be grown almost anywhere. Some recreational marijuana users consume this strain to keep their senses alert in social settings or when they are hanging out with their friends.

Lemon Lime is a medicinal strain that can be used to relieve stress and improve focus. It promotes attentiveness, stimulates appetite and some of its users say it can be used to treat joint pains, insomnia, nausea and muscular spasms. It is believed that this strain is an ideal choice when users just need to de-stress after a long challenging day.


The Lemon Lime marijuana strain is believed to have been created by Swamp Boys Seeds by unknown breeders. This hybrid strain is characterized by a fruity lemon aroma and produces a very fast psychoactive effect. Though it creates a high cerebral effect, Lemon Lime does not hit its users heavily and it’s suitable for inexperienced marijuana users.


Lemon Lime is easy to cultivate and offers moderate fungi resistance. It does not need any special care but delivers great results in both indoor and outdoor environments. When grown outdoors, it requires warm climate to flower optimally. It produces thick buds with plentiful resins and long orange hairs and starts flowering within 56 – 65 days.


The Lemon Lime strain is known for a lot of positive and negative effects. Outlined below are some of these effects as reported by it users:

Positive Effects

Some of the reported positive effects of Lemon Lime include:

  • Happy
  • Euphoric
  • Focused
  • Relaxed
  • Hungry

Negative Effects

Some of the reported side effects of Lemon Lime include:

  • Dehydration
  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety
  • Dry Eyes
  • Dizziness


Medical Benefits of Lemon Lime

Lemon Lime is a medicinal marijuana strain that is also known for its sedative properties. It is reported to be used relive stress and reduce the symptoms of chronic pain. Here are some of the illnesses Lemon Lime is used to alleviate:

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