About Afghani

Some scholars believe that Afghani was the first cannabis landrace strain to be used by humans. This is one highly resinous Indica strain whose origin traces back to the Middle East. Afghani was transported to California in the 1970s heralding the birth of Indica in the US. If you trace back the lineage of most Indica strains in the market today, you will always find Afghani somewhere in the roots.

On inspection, the leaves have a pastel green color with light green spots. The flowers have orange streaks and are clothed in trichrome crystals. The smell of this strain is earthy with floral and pine undertones. The smoke is acrid taste but with a sweet after taste.

This strain provides a strong base for breeders wishing to create quality Indica strains. Quality danks such as Northern lights and Blueberry have Afghani in their genetic lineage. Afghani is also adored for its amazing medicinal properties. The THC content ranges between 15 to 20% while the CBD level is about 0.6%.

This strain is quite hardy and can survive harsh environmental conditions. It was traditionally used in hash-making.

Strain Type

This ancient dank is a pure Indica strain that boasts sturdy genetics and high potency. It probably has the purest Indica genetics known to man in this day and age. The THC to CBD ratio is 100:3.


It is believed that Afghani was originally sourced from the Hindu Kush Mountains and was smuggled into the US in the 1970s. The strain is named after its geographic origins where it had been used for many centuries. The locals picked the weed that was growing wildly in mass grooves and used it to treat a number of medical conditions.

In the US, the strain fell in the hands of Mel Frank and other cultivars who have managed to preserve the genetics of this magical strain. Fortunately, this auto flowering strain is sturdy and easy to care for.


Patient reported positive effects

This Indica potent strain is great for pain relief and deep relaxation. It gives a strong body high and may put you to sleep sooner than you expected.


  • Deep relaxation
  • Sleepiness
  • Euphoria
  • Happiness
  • Tingling sensation

Afghani also induces the munchies; don’t get surprised when you keep pacing to and from the snack bar to get a refill.

Patient Reported common negative effects

This strain may cause anti cholinergic effects such as:

  • Cotton mouth
  • Dry or red eyes

Patient Reported rare negative effects

  • Paranoia
  • Headaches

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Patient reported medical conditions strain is used to treat

When you take Afghani you will first feel a body hit before the high transcends to the brain. Up there it helps in clearing brain fog and creating euphoric bliss. This 100% Indica strain provides a strong defense against chronic and unrelenting pain. It is also useful in the treatment of:

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Terpene Profile

Afghani has a mix of earthy and sweet terpene aromas. These scents are indicative of a dominance of myrvene, limonene and geraniol. Myrcene is known to be the “couch-lock” terpene, which is also responsible for the earthy or clove-like smell of pot. It has relaxing and sedative properties.

Patients with anxiety and PTSD can benefit from myrcene containing strains because of these effects. Limonene has a citrusy smell and helps in reducing stress. Geraniol smells of grapes and is a potent neuroprotectant.



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