Sour Diesel

About Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel, sometimes called “Sour Deez” or “Sour D” is a Sativa strain whose origin is often debated in the marijuana community. Some believe this strain is a blend of the Chemdog and Mexican Sativa while others claim it originates from a blend between 91 Chemdog and Mass Super Skunk. Whatever the case is, be prepared to be hit by a one of a kind potent high. Sour Diesel isn’t given the name “Diesel” for no reason. This strain has an intoxicating stench which is similar to a mix of diesel fuel and lemon. The effects of this strain are fast-acting and cause dreamy cerebral effects, along with boosting energy levels. The THC content level is this strain is fairly high ranging from around 19% to 20% averagely. Minute amounts of pinene, myrcene, and limonene terpenes give this strain a citrus flavor and scent. The strain also has sweet and dank aromas as well as citrus, candy, skunky and sweet flavors.

Sour D can be grown both indoors and outdoors. When grown outdoors, it requires a warm climate like that of Spain or California in order for it to grow to its full potential. This strain’s buds are very appealing and take over 10 weeks to flower. They grow between 100 to 130cm tall and produce 450 to 600 grams when grown indoors. Regardless of the quantity produced, these buds are still of premium quality.


Sour Diesel like all medical marijuana strains has both positive and negative effects. Some of these effects reported by users of this strain include:


  • Feelings of Happiness and Euphoria
  • Boosts Energy Levels
  • Helps With Creativity
  • Uplifted Feelings


Users of this strain reported negative effects dry mouth and eyes.
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Users report using Sour Diesel to suppress or treat the following medical conditions:

Users of Sour D reported that it boots creativity by invigorating the cerebral cortex. Due to the effervescent effect of this strain, users prefer to take it at the start of the day as it serves as a head start. Sour Diesel is among the top most-preferred strains amongst medical marijuana users.

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